1994 Subaru Impreza WRX 5spd 2.0L Turbo

Clean 94 Surbaru WRX 5spd 2..0L Turbo, cold ac, 4dr, SOLD at EZ CarZ Used Cars. Aluminum rims, clean paint, ready to go! CD Player. more info and pics at www…

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  1. Its got stock exhaust ,stock alloys , and stock lights and you say its got
    twin ? my arse

  2. there is a twin turbo but not an impreza sallon model only wagon maybe
    engine conversion

  3. Ok, I finally looked under the hood and you guys are right. It is a single
    turbo setup. Thanks for keeping me honest.

  4. Only the B4 Legacy made the 2.2 twin turbo. Get your fact straight guys.
    I’m not biased. Look it up.

  5. @usedcarsokinawa i’d like apologize. i know my facts. i didnt know you were
    from Japan. i saw the car was for sale and i wouldnt have thought someone
    would be selling a car from Japan. Especially on youtube. im from the US
    and i knew that the wrx was introduced else where way before the US in ’02.
    my apologizes again. i just hate those people who post lame things like
    that. sorry to bash on you like that.

  6. @FinestMentality Hahahah well i have a 94 impreza 2L turbo … but i guess
    its a 1.8 L non turbo THANKS so much …. wonder where the 14 psi i get
    from it come from doh, any ideas ? must be the best 1.8 L ever made to do
    220 Km/h and 0-100 in around 4 sec… My guess is you are from the states
    and it is true no WRX where imported before 2002 i think but big news there
    is a world outside the states …. just a few countrys not much dont worry.

  7. @FinestMentality They’re located in Japan you idiot. The Impreza WRX was
    first introduced in 1992.

  8. aha. sorry not reading the whole post. makes me an idiot. sihgs… you win.
    i’m an idiot. what shall i do with myself? should i go make another
    username spelled incorrectly to save me the embarrassment? aha!

  9. @FinestMentality Thanks for the relaxed response. People never read into
    the comments. I was razzin you and you took it. Cool. Why is everyone so
    mean? I think it is because they think they can hide. But, people are like
    that face to face these days. Too bad. Again, thanks for the chill comments.

  10. @usedcarsokinawa thanks for understanding. really love your car. or loved.
    heard it was sold? anyways, it inspired me on what im going to do on my
    car. maybe straight JDM swap. or 02 wrx drive train swap with all the
    goods. lol! nice car again. take it easy.

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