Whitney Houston Dies: NOT from Crack. Wonderful Voice Inspired Us

We do not own this content. It’s interesting that she is asking Diane Sawyer repeatedly “Do you know?” Whitney Houston said it is a bad photo. I know about bad photos I don’t want posted. Some days I’m bloated from forgetting to consume enough water, and I wouldn’t want to look bloated in a permanent photo. Is Whitney Houston implying that the bones showing are from work utilizing Adobe Photoshop? Not from Crack since ‘crack is cheap’ With over 120 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide, Whitney Houston has already established an unparalleled legacy for herself. www.imdb.me/livefearless Transcription of 2002 interview edits with Diane Sawyer: Whitney Houston “I’ve always been a thin girl, I’m not going to be fat ever, let’s get that straight Whitney is never going to be fat, ever, okay” Diane Sawyer: “The Michael Jackson VH-1 Appear…I’m gonna show you the picture” Whitney Houston “That’s a bad shot” Diane Sawyer “Well, it may be a bad shot but this real, I mean, the… the bones, that’s real” Whitney Houston: “Yea my bones, yea, I’m I’m 5’7″ and thin I can understand what you mean.” Diane Sawyer: “But that’s not just thin” Whitney Houston: “No, what is it Diane, tell me… Do you know?” Diane Sawyer: “It’s scary thin” Whitney Houston: “I can believe what you what you feel, I can believe that, but do you really know, do you really know?” Diane Sawyer: “No you know!” Whitney Houston: “Thank you.” Diane Sawyer: “Anorexia” Whitney Houston: “No way.” Diane