97 Honda Prelude V Tec interior shot in Okinawa, Japan

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12 antwoorden op “97 Honda Prelude V Tec interior shot in Okinawa, Japan”

  1. it is that color from the factory. i hated the auto but hey, it sold quick!

  2. when i sold cars for Chevy, Ford and Dodge in the US they asked us salesmen
    once what improvements customers wanted to see and I said they should make
    the interiors more welcoming and higher tech. they told me to go back to
    japan! LOL

  3. You should have seen it when it came in. Only took 6 hours and lots of
    engine cleaner diluted with water. Then a good rinsing of the seats and 2
    days of drying the interior. Thanks for the thumbs up.

  4. Looks like you are talking about the latch for the arm rest compartment. Is
    that what you are asking about?

  5. I swear toooo many ppl hate on automatics. You know in heavy ass drag
    races, like the REALLY fast cars, they race autos? This car is nice and I’m
    not gonna say the trans kills it. I drive auto, prefer stick but sure as
    shit wouldn’t mind a slap stick. That to me is the best. I’m not trying to
    drive manual every damn day nor an automatic. Plus when winter comes, I’m
    okay. Then on nice days? I’m bangin gears left n right.

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