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  1. Awesome. I got a watch repair tool kit and? we were all scratching our heads over what this thing did. Thanks! 🙂

  2. You can find them on Amazon by searching for “Watchband Link Remover Tool” or “watch? band adjuster”

  3. i bought my boyfriend an invicta? watch for his bday & have no idea how to resize it without taking it to the jeweler or buying tools. so stuck..

  4. Very helpful! I’d like to add this bit of advice: Once the pins were out of my Invicta 43659-004, they would not just snap back in like the ones in the video did. All I had lying around were a set of needlenose pliers that, despite not having the best angle, were still able to pop them back in with the right amount of pressure. Might not want to do that if yours is gold-plated or something, but mine is “black ion-plated” and I figured it could take it. And it? did.

  5. Thanks much for showing how to use once of? the repair tools. I was wondering what that blue thing does! 🙂

  6. I ordered the Invicta Men’s 1276 II Collection Chronograph Gold Dial 18k Gold Ion-Plated Stainless Steel Watch? from Amazon a few days ago, it has been shipped. I was going to take it to a jeweler to be adjusted, but your video is so very helpful, that I’ll do it myself. I also ordered a watch adjusting kit, it also has been shipped. Love the tune by The Chambers Brothers playing in the background, did you know there is a 11 min version…… ;- )

  7. Man I ordered? the 16 piece watch repair kit and didnt have a clue on how to use this insturment…Thanks for shairing you just saved me $10 dollars…

  8. All these hacks on youtube with paperclips and dental tools, nice to see a? professional approach.

  9. Tool is not wide enough for large watch bands. I modified it to fit. The tool? is NOT made well for big watches. Do you know a part number of a tool like this for wide (28MM) bands? Thanks

  10. The? only way I know of adjusting wide bands is with a hammer. The band must be removed from the watch before banging away with the hammer.

  11. Thanks for the video, it showed? everyone just how easy it is. I bought a watch adjusting kit from Amazon, they’re even cheaper on Ebay and have adjusted more than a dozen of my own watches in the last 2 months. I use the hammer, pin punch and block on all of my watches. I have found Ebay to be the best place on finding watch tools or all kinds.

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