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  1. good intentions but they now makeRFID chips that are smaller than 1/4 size of a grain of rice………….. the stealthiness makes it nearly impossible to find !


  2. What would be more fun is to read a bunch of tags. Then share them with 10 different areas by computer file. Simply retransmit the codes in 10 different cities at official sites. The computer will be pleased with a simple response. It should be ecstatic with 10 different locations at once for 1 person…. Bet that gets the ulcer medicine going at DHS.

  3. I just got mine and want to destroy the electronics. How long to put in the microwave? Or better yet, how can you demagnitize it? Will it still be useful when you pass boarders? How can they actually know you the card holder demagnitized it?
    Thanks for any info!


  4. You are in your dream and look at yourself too much vs. the country. One day if government stops wathing you but terroists instead, you will feel sorry for all your life. You need to apply suitability in life into your “freedom” definition!!!

  5. More than likely, he is here on a work visa . He is NOT using his boss’s passport for ID, just as a tool for this demonstration.

  6. thank you for the time and effort you spent on trying to expose the gov’tards (and whoeverelse)

  7. along with trying to jam the RFID chip down our throats the are also trying to pass the HR 1966 Bill. look that up and tell me this country is not going down the drain.

  8. They didn’t ask for our consent. The only reason they gave to us….(if they even gave us this) is that it gives us security. They are blatantly chipping us!!! They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security. That’s Ben Franklin right there. my god I can’t wrap my mind around this….dare I say border line mark of the devil?…we all have barcodes in our pockets, sheeple?

  9. Chris, is there a way to shield these identification documents, like some type of cover to put a passport in or a driver’s license?

  10. So if I throw my passport in the microwave for a few seconds it will toast the RFID tag and leave the rest of the passport unscathed?

  11. Although you sound British, I think you are a prime example of a patriot. Please keep up the good work!!!! Our nation needs people such as yourself to stop the abuse of power by government. Remember, our Constitution dictated that our nation was founded “By the people, of the people, for the people”. Don’t let a few get away with subjecting the rest of us to tyranny.

  12. Babies should be tagged at birth. Their implanted RFID could serve as credit, phone, passport, driver’s license, toll bridge, attendance, location on Saturday nights, library, internet use and all kinds of good things. Saves time, money, carrying multiple cards. Also, it’s green!

  13. Is there anything you can put the id cards into that will make them untraceable? Is there a container that makes them unreadable but still useful if you have to have them scanned officially? Of course, the point that they can be hacked at the counter where used is annoying and makes putting them in a conainer for protection mute….

  14. I had my id chip put in the back of my right hand because I was afraid it might be visible on my forehead = Rev 13.

  15. You can use protective sleeves for your passports, ID cards, drivers license, credit cards ,etc.

    It’s a burden, but they are pretty reliable.

  16. good man, need more people like him..

    RFID is a nightmare…!!

    It is the Mark of the Beast..!

  17. The land of surveillance and home of big brother.
    This technology can be exploited for nefarious purposes.

  18. It’s great that this guy’s exposing this. Anything that can be read remotely can be stolen and reproduced, and this is very dangerous. It opens up people to be victims of foreign intelligence agencies or criminal gangs (identity theft).

    Oh and he looks like the oldschool toadfish off neighbours.

  19. If I get any ID document with an RFID chip in it, I’m microwaving it and destroying it. I don’t care if its illegal. I hope that everyone else who sees this will do that to. They can’t arrest all of us. As Americans, we have a right (or should) to our privacy!

  20. I see that he got #2C2835433D1A0000… . Without any further information, it’s about as useful as having someones vehicle license plate number. Or am I missing something? What do the RFID tags store? Just some random numbers/letters?

  21. Whatever. If the government wanted to know where anyone is at any given time, they can do it without RFID chips, because practically everyone carries cell phones.

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