How to Quickly and Easily *Cut Up a Whole Chicken* Derek shows us how to fabricate (cut up) a chicken into legs, thighs, and boneless breasts. Update to previous version. HowStuffWorks “How to Cut Up Chicken” Perhaps you bought a whole chicken on sale and want to cut it up and freeze it for later use. Or maybe you bought whole chicken breasts only to discover … – 52k GourmetSleuth – How to Cut up a Chicken How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken This is a basic method for cutting up and disjointing a whole … Place the chicken breast side up on a solid cutting board. … – 22k Cutting Up Chicken – Kitchen Notes – Cooking For Engineers Boning Chicken Breast, Cutting Up Chicken, Ingredient Substitutions … supermarkets providing chicken parts, we don’t often have to cut up a whole chicken. … – 107k Preparing whole chicken can save you lots of money – Food … Apr 22, 2009 … The cook with the proper know-how can cut up the chicken … Butcher the wings: Place the chicken breast-down with the wings closest to you. … – 54k How to Cut Up Chicken Breasts « Super Mom – No Cape! Nov 14, 2008 … Here’s how I cut up the chicken breasts to make them ready for use in … leave whole or I cut it into fourths to use as chicken kabobs. … – 23k

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  1. Why can’t u just put the chicken in separate freezer bags and THEN freeze them?

  2. I loved that video, very helpful
    It is funny though how you were talking about safety and then your finger appears to be injured, what a coincidence 🙂

  3. WTF?! What does chicken breasts have to do with invading another country? Is this subliminal propaganda?

  4. Not only cheaper but safer sanitation wise. There are some butcher men with disgusting habits and if it carries onto their knife/work area, your food is more likely to be contaminated the more it’s touched by other people.

    I have a question: Can you show us a video of where to find the ‘oyster’ i believe its called, hidden in one of the bones.

  5. @thatcanberecycled If you start you stock in cold water, you will have less scum to remove… give it a try.

  6. @sugaratic The oyster is found near the top of the thigh, it is in a socket. to get it out you simply take a paring knife and gently scrape it out (you can also scoop it out with your finger after you start cutting with the knife).

  7. That’s great, however, what if I want to keep the bone in the breasts? How would you cut it?

  8. thanks for showing me the but. thats exactly why i put this video on to find out where in hell was the chickens BUT.

  9. What i don’t get is how he cuts through all the bone stuff. When i cut a chicken its a goddamn massacre.

  10. as a student in culinary school, you got the temperature danger zone wrong. it is 41-135. just an fyi.

  11. well i learned three things from this video…..
    ONE: how to cut a whole chicken
    TWO: i now know where the chicken tenders are
    THREE: i now know how to freeze the chicken without having one big clunk
    So thank u derek:)

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