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  1. that happend to me but i had an older version of itunes so igot the update and its working now but i want to jailbreak my idevice on 4.3.4 if u got a video please tell me thx

  2. @bakr7861
    I dont think that there is a Jailbreak for that version yet. Follow a few jailbreak accounts on twitter and you’ll know as soon as when one is out 😀

  3. @OutatimeOyster ok, but i did jailbreak my ipod but next thing you know when i open cydia it just brings me back to my homescreen lol but thx anyways !!!!!!

  4. If you have problems with your Iphone 4 I would do a RESET first before doing a master reset. Here is the link of HOW to? do it.


  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! U are amazing!!! My iPhone was stuck on Apple Boot logo, after I had pressed the ‘reset all content’ from Settings app.

  6. hello, i have tried to charge my ipod touch with the plug and even using usb cable to the computer but i don see any part of the battery appearing on the ipod, all it shows was just the apple logo, i did a master reset a few times following your video instructions to try and hope it does connect to itunes but it still cant be connected to itunes any suggestions tks and cheers! =)

  7. I reset my iPod and got all my apps and music back but not all the movies I downloaded can anyone help please?!

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