23 antwoorden op ““Leon: The Professional” Tribute”

  1. i was joking but i dont know. but it is in the comments way below this one.

  2. It’s 1 of the most beautiful movie’s I ever saw….1st class movie…georgious.

  3. I really love this movie. it is by far one of my favorite ones as well.
    but is it me or did Oldman’s character creep anyone else out during the movie?

  4. This movie is awesome. If anyone hasn’t seen it you are missing out!

  5. i want to work for the D.E.A. …i spend all my time with drugs, arms, prostitutes>> and i’m paid for that! 🙂 …Stansfield is one of my prefered movie-vilains, between Darth Vader and the Joker …cheers!

  6. They movie was so good……..all was so cool love,acting,plot,fight,revenge

  7. well,what can you say?just a classic!!!!! well acted,more like this,shame they killed him off.but they would make 1,2,3 and that woild spoil it.just rewind and enjoy it again.EXELLENT

  8. haha I like it when he said it remains me of Beethoven… and Mozards starts playing :p

  9. @ISPANOS2001 yes… i agree, although it wouldn´t be bad to include them in the film, but the truth is that there are lots of deleted scenes in this video….
    PD: one of the best films i´ve ever seen !!

  10. @ISPANOS2001 i like the part he get in the apartment.. a bit backward of 7:41

  11. @heffeque good choice of music; yes, it’s Mozart, but Stansfield (Oldman) loves Mozart too.

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