Rekko Oyster Opener

The Rekko Oyster Opener is a professional tool for opening oysters. It is invented by S.V.H. Master Chef Wiel Rekko. It is the final product of more then 20 …

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  1. @robertrjsaa i agree… although I wasn’t aware that there were oyster
    openers like this, and it might be helpful to some, I still prefer opening
    by hand… neat invention though

  2. Bah. I never turn my oysters to the side like that. Lets all the good salty
    brine water leak out. And I never use a piece of shit opener like that.
    Hand only.

  3. Out of all the gadgets i’ve seen on youtube I don’t think anything is
    faster than a chainmail glove and a shucker, i work in a HIGH volume raw
    bar that sells at least 1000 oysters a day, i was forced to develop a speed
    of a dozen a minute using my hands alone. I still haven’t seen a machine or
    gadget that goes that fast.

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