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  1. 600 rs my fast track also showing the same time which 3lakh 50 tsnd rolex showing

  2. Best thing about having a gmtii prior to the new gmtiic is that you can almost always buy and sell for around the same price. If your smart and use your resources to get this watch cheap you can usually find a nice one for 4800$ solid end links no pinholes

  3. Can someone please explain to me why people pay so much money for a fucking watch? It’s like fucking tiny and I could buy a phone that does 100 times as many things for like a hundredth of the price! Like the Zenith watches which run for 80,000 bucks? When is see that I say WHAT THE FUCK? And I see you guys comment “Dear Santa..” WHY THE FUCK DO YOU WANT THAT? Just seems retarded to me.

  4. @TheTechJoint cause your a little bitch and like to where like shit circles on your wrist

  5. don’t know what the hype is about these watches, only RUSSIAN DIVERS and Invicta are the one that get all the attention.

  6. When i think of sapphire, i think of the gem, What exactly is a “sapphire crystal”? Is that just a name or is the cover actually made out of some gem

  7. @skaterock7734 Sapphire crystal for watches is synthetic crystal that has the same hardness as sapphire.

  8. @TheTechJoint “Can someone please explain to me why people pay so much money for a fucking watch?” Because we can.

  9. The reason that people pay so much for this watch is because it is an investment. It goes up in value every year faster than bank rates. In the UK, watches are exempt from inheritence tax (death duties) therefore, if you want to leave hundreds of thousands to your kids and not let the exchequer get their hands on it, you buy them gold Rolexes to put away in a vault to cash in later.

  10. Im 15 and i dont know anything about watches. I would like to get one for Christmas though. I hear Rolex is a very good watch brand. How much is this one? Money isnt a problem btw and would you guys recoumend this one? Please reply

  11. @Tht1kidYouKnw I suggest you start with a casio and work your way up. Learn to appreciate fine timepieces.

  12. Call it greed, avarice, or decadence, but one day, after I’ve worked long and hard, I will purchase a Rolex and an Aston Martin. Then I’ll go back to work and be able to see and feel where some of that hard work has gone both on the job and driving home.

    Then some day I will retire and start teaching.

    Hell, I think we need these silly goals to get through life. Until then, head down and soldier on.

  13. @Kickimanjaro Yes!!!! I own some expensive(ish) swiss watches, but not yet a rolex, or an aston martin……Your post speaks to me, you are like a brother from another mother…. how does a V12 Vantage and a Platinum smooth bezelled Day date sound….!!

    My life is pretty much dedicated to the goal of owning that car, with that watch on my wrist.

  14. RE: Rolex and keeping their value – I’ve been lucky to own 4 Rolex watches over the last 20 years – stil got ‘em. If you buy them at the right price (especially steel) you can’t go wrong. I’ve always bought second hand, mint conditioned watches, and they’ve always gone up in value. I think if you bought a gold one with diamonds in it – you will loose money unless you bought it second. third hand.

  15. @Tht1kidYouKnw Yea gmt master 2 is probably one of the best watches ever made…10 grand tho bro…

  16. @Tht1kidYouKnw this is not a watch you get when you are 15. even if money is not a problem, it is not a younger persons watch. retail, its about 7500. i doubt you’d wear that to school.

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