Shuck an OYSTER – instruction in 30 seconds vid!! :-) press “cc” button for english!

This is Michael Prising showing how to open an oyster outside saluhallen (where one buys high quality and delicacy food) in Uppsala https://saluhalleniuppsala…

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  1. Cool!:) But I don’t understand him, since I don’t speak his language 🙁

  2. @JTpommetje I will translate this to english in description later! He
    speaks MY language – SWEDISH!! SWEDISH should be spoke by ALL PEOPLE OVER
    THE WORLD according to ME!! 😉

  3. Thank you, and well I think English should be spoke by all people over the
    world, altough I’m not English, I come from the Netherlands.

  4. Nice, and the oysters were from Holland.. 😉 /Mike (the guy who opened the

  5. @mickefisk Thank you for that info. Micke! Can one find and buy also
    swedish oysters for eating sometimes? Maybe from the swedish westcoast? If
    so, do they taste any differently? .. and do oysters from different places
    taste differently??

  6. @foreskinforest Hey foreskinforest! READ in channeldescription! Translation
    there for people with this strange language I´m now writing in!! 🙂

  7. @foreskinforest And thank you!! Yes, I believe this is one of my best vids
    so far! SHORT and “packed with information”!! ahahaha!

  8. my father could open oysters like that……Im not even a fraction as fast

  9. @mala265 I haven´t even tried mala!! hahahaha!! I WOULD wear a GLOVE though
    if I ever tried!! 🙂

  10. @dorkydoright … dd my dd!… Here I am trying to get my oyster video to
    be the number one “shuck an oyster” on youtube, and you come and write
    things about GIANT BOOGERS??!! Bad dd, very very bad dd!!.. ;D hahaha! You
    need to try one dd! I had one for the first time here!

  11. @dorkydoright ..well, or you are just showing appreciation for the best
    oystervid on youtube! 🙂 .. and please no more Boogers in the
    commentsection here! You are scaring people off from commenting here my
    dear! ;D

  12. well i think oyster good because it has many minarals,how ever if you eat
    it whole,you certainly eat the SHIT.

  13. @dorkydoright you are a dork, but that’s ok… more for us non-dorks 🙂 by
    the way… you DO know what a dork is,…right??

  14. @joanramonful I´d ratherhave this guy opening my oysters for me than a
    mechanical machine! 🙂

  15. Machines will never surpass the human hand, I know that, I can shuck 12 in
    20 secs literally, and soon I will try to break the record of. 38 in one
    minute . Saludos! From New Orleans.

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