The Blue Oyster Bar

This is the one of the best comic scenes! The two idiot bad cops of “Police Academy” are trying to spy the other “cool cops” so they can report any lewd activity to the Captain. The bad cops pick on the tubby cadet Leslie Barbara and coerce him into finding the location of the big weekend party. Steve Guttenberg tells Leslie that the party is at the Blue Oyster Bar, when it’s really at the beach!

22 Replies to “The Blue Oyster Bar”

  1. Yeah,and it’s funny that in this bar they only play the same? song,over and over again

  2. hahahhahaha xD it’s my fave scene xD hahaha lmao who? wants to go with me to the Blue Oyster Bar?? xD

  3. Blankes & Copeland disliked this? cause it was dancing sir,mostly dancing

  4. I am looking for it, but it seems there are 2 mixed , the second is
    Earlene Bentley? — The Boys Come To Town

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