Whitney Houston Dies: NOT from Crack. Wonderful Voice Inspired Us

We do not own this content. It’s interesting that she is asking Diane Sawyer repeatedly “Do you know?” Whitney Houston said it is a bad photo. I know about bad photos I don’t want posted. Some days I’m bloated from forgetting to consume enough water, and I wouldn’t want to look bloated in a permanent photo. Is Whitney Houston implying that the bones showing are from work utilizing Adobe Photoshop? Not from Crack since ‘crack is cheap’ With over 120 million albums and 50 million singles sold worldwide, Whitney Houston has already established an unparalleled legacy for herself. www.imdb.me/livefearless Transcription of 2002 interview edits with Diane Sawyer: Whitney Houston “I’ve always been a thin girl, I’m not going to be fat ever, let’s get that straight Whitney is never going to be fat, ever, okay” Diane Sawyer: “The Michael Jackson VH-1 Appear…I’m gonna show you the picture” Whitney Houston “That’s a bad shot” Diane Sawyer “Well, it may be a bad shot but this real, I mean, the… the bones, that’s real” Whitney Houston: “Yea my bones, yea, I’m I’m 5’7″ and thin I can understand what you mean.” Diane Sawyer: “But that’s not just thin” Whitney Houston: “No, what is it Diane, tell me… Do you know?” Diane Sawyer: “It’s scary thin” Whitney Houston: “I can believe what you what you feel, I can believe that, but do you really know, do you really know?” Diane Sawyer: “No you know!” Whitney Houston: “Thank you.” Diane Sawyer: “Anorexia” Whitney Houston: “No way.” Diane

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  1. @centostelle Si, ha ragione questa donna era una grandissima artista specialmente la sua voce indimenticabile eppure come tutti i divi conduceva una vita spericolata. Peccato che tante persone dimenticheranno questo momento tragico perche’ tante persone ordinarie e straoridinarie moriranno come Whitney.?

  2. @KoreanAspergel She couldnt hit the high? notes due to age and due to drug abuse, however the technique was still there. Judge someone not for their falls, but for their triumphs

  3. @anitabreakone: Her? voice *does* sound strained. No wonder she couldn’t sing. She could barely talk. I wonder what she did to her voice…jeez.

  4. Let’s get one thing straight,crack is not cheap,I know too many people who live in poverty because of it.It takes everything they have & some things they don’t .(lie cheat steal) & turns them into losers.I love Whitney & I don’t think she was on crack,possibly powder(some people can? manage powder)It’s not anybodies business what she was doing,She will be greatly missed.

  5. @lpr5269 Yea. I agree with your first line 100%. I can think of one celebrity who has a sibling who is famous for life stuff and that person imho was just percieved as a “street drug addict” got put into jail for his “epic tragedy” life. Although He probably had a life alot more tragic than what 60% of celebrities can come up with! Love your moral lesson. If this was joe-nobody, it would be a lost cause to drugs./?

  6. I bet not 1 of you can find? even 1 R.I.P on your Facebook page for a fallen soldier! Fuck Whitney her career was over 20 years ago!!

  7. KSI said bin laden would die,? he said Ghadafi wuld die, then he said whitney would die…. coincidence???

  8. The truth is that millions of children die in Africa, thousands of innocent Palestinian people die by the? hand of the Israeli’s and no one cares, yet when Whitney Houston dies suddenly everyone gives a fuck – #RealTalks

  9. Y’all need to “get y’all life” and get off her that’s y’all problem don’t known how to stfu and let the legendary R.I.P wonder what ppl would say when y’all? die off the face of this earth.

  10. @moroney1 I don’t give you much legitimacy for that statement, yeah, about? the part that you agree with me that she couldn’t hit the high notes as result of age and drug abuse, but I find it very hypocritical you said judge people not on their falls, but triumps, then said Christina screams. and besides why even bring somebody else into the discussion. i’m not offended. i just wonder why many times people mention somebody else’s name on a video that has nothing to do with them.

  11. @lokisgodhi

    How childish! Grow up. When you reach puberty you will learn that behind every ‘junkie’ there is a story. But I doubt you’ll be able understand that.

    Your pathetic and clearly have a? very empty life youself.

    Sad little man!

  12. Whitney your in a better place now, oh wait no your not cuz your dead!! Hahaha!! Today? I’m doing better that a millionaire!!! WOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!

  13. Take my love,
    I’ll never ask for too much,
    Just all that you? are
    And everything that you do.

  14. This is too bad, I bet you any money the? ‘illuminati’ freaks will be thinking there is some sort of controversy over her death, instead of of saying ‘hey, that’s kind of sad.’

  15. she would not admit she had a problem. she had problems with drugs and drinking she was a good singer and threw alot of her career away because of her addictions. we will all see what she died from eventually but she had been in rehab quite a few times? and was still drinking just two days before she died.

  16. @lokisgodhi I can see where you are coming from, but do you really think she made drug use glamorous and cool? I mean, I think it was quite the opposite, as amazing as she was, her legacy would be an example that drugs will destroy you, sooner? if you are just a regular normal person, later if you have one of the greatest voices ever heard by human kind, but sooner or later; destroy you for sure. I think her name and face will be a testimony to that fact for generations to come.

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